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In the modern cars of today, computer systems are used to monitor the system and reports back on the engine. Sensors and adjustment controls allow the computer to automatically adjust things like air/fuel ratio, ignition timing and others things in the car.

Speedy Auto Repair and Electric of Moreno Valley  runs diagnostics to determine such issues. The sophistication of auto systems also means there are many places for potential errors or problems that may occur. When problems are detected, the computer will adjust what it can to compensate and possibly warn the driver with a dashboard light. The question is, what to do once a light pops on.

If you have a check engine light on or if you hear a strange noise while starting your car, contact us.

AUTO AND CAR DIAGNOSTICS IN Moreno Valley, California

Are you looking for the company that can offer one of the best engine diagnostics in Moreno Valley? Let Speedy Auto Repair and Electric make sure that your car runs smooth.

We know just how wear and tear can sometimes get the best of your car. No matter how careful you are in your vehicle, there will be instances when a problem arises on your car’s engine. Unfortunately, it’s a common problem among car owners to only find an expert when the problem is already causing their car to stall in the middle of the road.

If you really want to get the most out of your car, it is important that the engine is always maintained in its tiptop condition.

Modern car designs now make use of a computer that allows the cars to function with maximum efficiency. These computers are in charge of automatically adjusting the ignition, timing, and other things that make the car run properly.

When there’s a problem in your car, the computer typically allows the engine and other parts to compensate. The driver is then signaled that there’s a problem happening in the car’s system.

That’s when Speedy Auto Repair enters the picture. With the help of our expert mechanics, we provide thorough and honest assessment when it comes to these scenarios. We can help determine what is wrong with your vehicle in a fast and efficient manner.r potential errors or problems to arise. When problems are detected, the computer will adjust what it can to compensate and possibly warn the driver with a dashboard light. The question is, what to do once a light pops on.


Speedy Auto Repair provides more than just the best in Moreno Valley car inspection, we also offer minor maintenance and work and major repair services on your car. Are you planning to find someone who does an oil change in Moreno Valley CA? If so, then let Speedy Auto Repair and Electric help you.

Whether you are planning to just have your car maintained or it needs some serious work, you can always count on us.


Here at Speedy Auto Repair we take the time to show you what triggered the computer’s response. Then, we’ll offer solutions with clear, transparent pricing. Honesty on every job is just one thing that sets us apart from the pack. Our expert mechanics are all career technicians and constantly work to stay up to speed on the latest automotive technology advances.

When you need any engine diagnostic work done, we can get it done right and solve the underlying issue(s). We are one of the area’s only shops with the proper computer equipment to interface with virtually any vehicle. This includes import luxury brands like BMW or Porsche. Don’t ignore warning signs from your car, come to us for fast, professional and honest engine diagnostics and advice.

Our ability to diagnose any engine quickly & accurately saves you money early detection & engine care will save you thousands over the life of your car. Speedy Center only employs certified technicians.


We are one of Moreno Valley’s finest auto repair shop in Manhattan. With our years of experience in the business, we’ve established a name synonymous with high-quality and reliable work. We’ve been able to prioritize the trust of our clients above anything else.

With the help of our team of reliable and experienced technicians, we provide an honest and transparent diagnosis of your engine. We also cater our services to luxury brands and imported vehicles from BMW to Porsche.

We make sure that you get all the information correct before you decide to have the car repaired. With our investment in the latest technology, we can isolate the problem that prevents your car from running smoothly.

Our ability to diagnose the problem can help you save some time and money. By getting a thorough assessment from Speedy Auto Repair and Electric, you can also prevent guesswork that can even further damage your vehicle and hamper its performance.


We are also experts in providing collision repair and body work for different types of cars, and models. With our in-house repair specialists, we make sure that your car gets back on the road in no time. Our repair services are guaranteed to meet manufacturer standard. We are also offering competitive pricing for our services.