Auto repair shop in Moreno Valley, CA. Our mechanics specialize in auto repair and electric diagnostics, Inland Empire car inspection, towing, oil change, a/c service, tune ups and much more.

Our auto repair shop is located in Moreno Valley. Call us today (951) 243-3237. We are open Monday-Friday 8-5, Saturday 8-3, and Sunday we are closed. Rated 4.3 stars online.



Speedy Auto Repair Shop, located in Moreno Valley, is a locally owned and operated automotive repair center and electric repair, specializing in high-end auto repair & Electric repair work on foreign & domestic cars. We work with the following insurance companies: All-State, Geico, Liberty Mutual, Met Life, Nationwide, Progressive, State Farm, Travelers, and many more. We are located at 23930 Sunnymead Blvd., Suite #C-1, Moreno Valley, CA 92553 and serve customers from California, Moreno Valley, Riverside, Inland Empire, and other surrounding areas. We are open Monday-Friday 8-5, Saturday 8-3, and Sunday we are closed. We pride ourselves on our reliable customer service and our highly trained, experienced service staff. At Speedy Auto Repair & Electric, Moreno Valley, we want our customers to know that they can rely on us for accurate, knowledgeable, and friendly auto repairs and tire services.

At Speedy Auto, our shop offers convenient and cost-effective fleet vehicle maintenance that will provide fleet accounts and fleet managers with a fast, thorough and affordable way to keep your fleet in peak condition. Speedy Auto corporate fleet services provide a variety of auto repair and tires services, including towing and roadside assistance for light, medium, and heavy-duty and more. Speedy Auto Repair offers a full range of automotive services, including Tune-up specials, auto, and diagnostic centers, and more.

We handle all insurance and accident claims. Call us today to schedule a FREE Diagnostic.


I needed my auto repaired, headlights installed and a oil change. Speedy Auto Repair was happy to install it at a low price. I’m glad I was in Moreno Valley, California and had it down there. They are very professional and they work quickly. …

Jack Daly

I needed my auto repaired, tires rotated, and a tune-up. Speedy Auto Repair was happy to install it at a low price. I am glad I was in Moreno Valley, California and had it down there. They are very professional and they work quickly. …

Cristian Robles

Why Choose Us?

Speedy Auto Repair is a company built by the best auto repair experts in Moreno Valley. We are your one-stop-shop auto repair company for any automotive. Our company is located in Moreno Valley, CA. We have catered to clients in the surrounding areas. We have served both individuals and companies looking to get their vehicles fixed. Our mechanics specialize in different areas including car maintenance as well as car inspection. We also offer roadside service. This means that you can call us for any emergency you encountered while you are driving. You can guarantee that we can address your concerns fast.

Auto Repair Services in Moreno Valley, CA

Speedy Auto Repair is a company built by the best auto repair experts in CA. We are your one stop shop auto repair company for any automotive. Our company is located in Moreno Valley, CA. We have catered to clients in surrounding areas.
Our auto repair services include towing in Moreno Valley and surrounding areas, automotive air conditioning repair, collision repair and body work, engine diagnostics in CA, tire alignment, CA car inspection, car maintenance, taxi and limousine repair, tire repair and replacement, oil change, auto repair, auto glass, hybrid system repair and much more….

Call us today (951) 243-3237.

We are open Monday-Friday 8-5, Saturday 8-3, and Sunday we are closed.
Our shop is located in Moreno Valley, CA.

Well Diverse In Different Types of Cars

Do you also have a car that you love so much? Perhaps, it is a luxury vehicle? We are more than happy to help you. We have technicians with enough knowledge of luxury vehicles regardless if it’s a foreign or domestic brand.

Size of the Shop

Don’t you just hate it when your local automotive repair shop rejects your car because they already have so many car repair jobs on their hands? It can be a real problem especially if you need the car fixed the soonest time possible. Things are a bit different with Speedy Auto Repair.

Why use our services in the first place?

Unlike other automotive repair companies, we make sure to always prioritize quality over anything else. Speedy Auto Repair and Electric is a company dedicated to providing top notch repairs for every type of vehicle. We have the knowledge and the necessary capability to address both large and small concerns regarding your car and any automobile.

Regardless if you are going to use the vehicle for private or for commercial means, we have experienced and knowledgeable mechanics who you can trust when it comes to different issues with your car. We also have the right tools and equipment that guarantees fast and reliable service on the part of your car.

With years of experience in auto repair, we have established a solid reputation among taxi companies, businesses, and private car owners when it comes to maintenance and repairs of their vehicles. We are also known for providing competitive pricing when it comes to our top notch services.

Spacious Area and Reliable Services

Aside from our space, we also take pride in establishing a good reputation in doing automotive repairs. We are proud of our track record, not to mention our ability to cover a good number of jobs all at once. We make sure that every car that enters our premises is taken cared of from start to finish. And with our quality control, you are guaranteed that repair and maintenance issues are going to be addressed well.

The moment that we take your car, we will make sure that we provide the best service for you. Our mechanics will make sure that you get a thorough assessment of what is possibly wrong with your vehicle. You are assured that we offer an honest assessment to give you complete knowledge of what is going to be done on your vehicle. You will also be given a quotation, not to mention all possible alternatives in case you are running on a small budget.
You are also guaranteed that we are not going to miss out on details that need our attention on your vehicle. We are aware just how some car owners love their cars so much, while others simply rely on their car in order to get from point A to point B.

You can guarantee that Speedy Auto Repair and Electric is not here to hustle you. We are a trusted partner by some of the largest companies that depend on their vehicles for their business. We are also the leading company that can come to the rescue of private car owners. You can even call us a night in the middle of the night if you find yourself stuck with your vehicle stalling in the middle of nowhere!

Fast and reliable service

One common problem among automotive repair shops is to get more than what they can handle. It commonly results in the lack of quality in the final output. With Speedy Auto Repair, you are guaranteed that each of our work is going to be at par with the best in the business. We offer a guarantee to each of work to give you peace of mind. With the space that we have and the manpower that can cover for all the necessary work, you are sure that you are in good hands.We also take time-sensitive job orders. That being said, we can cover the job faster than most companies can. We make sure that we get the issue fixed to give you your mode of transportation back running on the road again.

Vehicles We Fix

We are aware that having your own car can quickly become a reliability without the right maintenance and repair. At times, even the smallest maintenance and repair work are not being followed by car owners. Whether it’s the lack of understanding of vehicles, or simply you don’t have the time, you can rely on Speedy Auto Repair and Electric for these kinds of scenarios. Our company has covered different kinds of vehicles over the years. Whether you have a five-year-old sedan or a luxury vehicle, you can expect that we deliver the highest quality of service to your vehicle. And if you think that you have to spend so much money just to get your car repaired, or have its scheduled maintenance, think again.

Speedy Auto Repair and Electric offers competitive prices for our services. We offer fast, reliable, and affordable services.

Speedy Auto Repair has been able to help both private car owners and businesses add mileage to their vehicles. As a company that’s been around for quite some time, our automotive experts can handle different types of work. Regardless if it’s a small or a large task, you can rely on Speedy Auto Repair for both auto body repair and maintenance requirements.

What type of vehicles do we handle? Our company can handle both old and new vehicles. We also cover both commercial and private vehicles regardless of size. We’ve helped businesses improve their performance by making sure that their vehicles are up and running without any problem.

We have the right equipment and updated knowledge of even the newest models to ensure the highest quality service is delivered to our clients.

Luxury cars

Do you drive a foreign or domestic car? Speedy Auto Repair and Electric is the go-to company of individuals who love their vehicles. We have catered both repairs and maintenance to these types of vehicles. You can guarantee that your vehicle is taken care of whether it’s a simple scratch or a collision that you are dealing with. We have trained mechanics and auto body repair experts that have experience in how to handle luxury cars. You are sure that your car is in the right hands whether you need something fixed on your car, or you simply need scheduled maintenance.

Private vehicles

Are you dealing with a small scratch on your car? Perhaps, you had your car breakdown and you need your belts replaced? Regardless if it is a sedan or a family van, Speedy Auto Repair helps give you the peace of mind that you always wanted. We offer top-notch car maintenance that can help improve your car’s longevity, not to mention potentially save money on gas since your engine is going to run smoothly. With our services, you can put more miles on your vehicle. You can also guarantee that repairs done on your vehicle are going to meet manufacturer standards.

Commercial Vehicles

We are aware that commercial vehicles are a bit different compared to your usual family car. Commercial vehicles differ in both sizes and purposes. Regardless if you have a taxi fleet or a few trucks that need car maintenance and repair, we are more than willing to extend our services to your commercial vehicle. We are aware that commercial vehicles need to stay in top running condition in order to meet their purpose in a business. We provide customizable packages that can help meet your requirements. We provide scheduled maintenance, billing, and even a customized price for taking care of all your vehicles. Speedy Auto Repair and Electric is the trusted company of many business owners especially those that are running on small budgets.